Sunday, February 01, 2009

DarDar & I had a night trip last night
Firstly I was so pissed off that I lost 2 bids for my polaroid camera in ebay
That I had no mood to do anything
& DarDar was damn sian
So we decided to go out to walk walk

Reached Peninsula Plaza
Went there to look at cameras
& Chingay was on the road!
Didnt see the floats but saw the fireworks
We then went to Mustafa Centre at Little India

Walked abit
& then left for supper at Geylang
Our favourite fried oyster omelette
The oyster was so juicy fat lor!
Frog's leg porridge =p
Visiting Geylang is fun
As in strolling along the street looking at you-know-what
& we just kept walking up the street till we almost reached Paya Lebar

We quickly crossed the road
Just in time for our last bus

It seemed like a cultural trip for us
From myanmar to india to .....(?)
We reached home at 1am
Bidded my Polaroid Camera again
& this time

<3 <3 <3 <3

I think my luck was suay suay suay then ho ho ho

Tomorrow go grab Polaroid films liao

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