Monday, September 27, 2010

DarDar & I had our lives' most expensive meal ever
As it is situated in Mandarin Galley
Entering the lobby is really a new experience
Everything around is so posh
That I reckon that everyone who wants to dine there must be appropriately dressed
My polka dot dress ;)

I made a lunch reservation
& we were brought to a table at a corner
The atmosphere in it is so..... unique!
We were served by a waitress named Jessie who politely welcomed us to Lawry's
Introduced the history of Lawwry's
& then introduced their main courses

We had the Lawry's cut prime rib set each
Which comes with 3 other side dishes

Within a short while
We were served with house breads - plain white & walnut wholemeal
DarDar enjoyed them alot, saying it's the best bread he'd ever had

Next came our salad
It was introduced as their famous Spinning's salad
The waitress spun the large metal mixing bowl on ice
Poured salad dressing from high
& mixed the salad well while the bowl still spun
She looks as if she's dancing!

This is really delicious!
The look of it already is appetizing
Although it only includes normal lettuces & tomatoes
The beet, croutons, cheese & their special sauces really made the taste!
DarDar who is not a hardcore vegetable lover as I am,
Praised it high claiming that it's the best salad he had ever!

The horseradish sauce to go with the meat

The way they serve the prime ribs is so cool
They have this mobile stove
In it has loaves of roasted meats
As according to your order
The chef will slice the meat right in front of you
(ok, picture not nicely taken, but you'll know it when you're there!)

Oh my god
Seriously both us noobs have no idea what we ordered
280g of meat taken from a 30th months old calf (as we were told)
Accompanied with the standard side dishes of the mashed potato & Yorkshire pudding
It is so thick that it looks like El Capitan from Yosemite Valley upon close-up
The waitress cutting up the freshly fried Yorkshire Pudding for us

I think DarDar loved this meal totally
His plate was empty
I though had a harder time finishing coz I'm not so much of an avid meat-eater
Frankly speaking
We were very full when the meat is only half eaten!

Why did we go to Lawry's Prime Rib?
1) we were greedy
Who can resist 1-for-1 promotion especially when it's fabulous food that one will NEVER reject? & Yes, DBS spoilt us

2) we were curious
We watched a food documentary introducing Lawry's on TLC. Everyone gave good reviews. So why not?

3) it may probably be the last sumptuous meal with DarDar before I depart Singapore

We had no complaint about the meals today
Food quality really meets our expectations & worths the price
(DarDar is always my food rating master. He has better tastebuds than I do.)
Other than it being really expensive (even though we took the 1-for-1 offer)
The total bill summed up to SGD122++

The original bill was SGD212++

Whoever is going Lawry's to dine
Do make sure it's for a really special occasion & with a really special someone
Or you are fucking rich


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