Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I think
I'm not the one facing problems with academic

Not because we are lazy
But the fact that our work had been back-logged by our boss
& thus jammed

My other classmate was worse
Hers had been stalled for months
& is gonna missed her deadline
Not that she had not completed her work
It was our boss who did not proceed with it


I know she sounded very pissed
So am I

Thinking how I got rejected to meet because my boss had no time
Doesnt meant we, students, are not productive enough to schedule appointments with supervisor
I was encouraged to churn out as many papers as possible during my candidature so as to get into the Dean's list
But none is processing!!!
So angry!

I recalled my undergraduate days
I just knocked on Gray's door & we chatted
Despite him having no time
He will still go out to the shore with me
To pluck limpets off rocks
& then rushed back to lab to complete his own work

That's devotion

& I cant explain how much I love Gray (as a boss)

I kinda regret not doing my post-graduate studies in HKU
But I know if I chose that path
I also know I wont meet DarDar

I guess that's fate somehow

I told myself
Just one more day to slack
I will write my Introducton for Chapter 5 tomorrow

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