Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I think school on Monday was happy
Because I have so many friends appearing in lab
I also got to meet Prof & shared with her my latest findings
As well as to ask her how I should go along with my candidature
It appeared to me that, although we're on the track
It's not going smoothly & efficiently enough
So I hope, regardless of whatever, I can still manage to complete my work by next June
& start re-organising my thesis

I've gotten most of the chapters done
5 out of 8
But it's in a mess
& all those figures, tables & what-else need to be re-structured

I hate that

Whenever I know I have to do that
I just have no mood at all
Like what I'm feeling now!
Am I wasting time & killing myself?
I think so too
But I really cant bring myself doing these

My drafts that were to be sent in for publications are on hold
Boss has yet returned to me
It's been 9 months already!
& I wondered if she's keeping her words
I just hope to get some papers out during my candidature!
Not only does it makes me look good
It also makes me feel that I'm achieving something & that I'm striving for it!

I dont see the motivation now
The spark seems to have died
But I cant let it die, of course
So here it is, shining faintly at the little corner

I hope my research to be done in HK will go smooth
Then that will ease my mind
The whole candidature depends on this research for it occupies the largest & most significant part of my research

& then
That leaves me 2 more small experiments

Although I have these all planned properly
I just hope I wont waste any of my effort
& any more time

I have great plans working in 2011!!

Bless me!

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