Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Went for my medical check up this morning
Recovery in good condition
That's good to hear :)

Headed to Bugis
& started my shopping spree

I couldnt believe my eyes
Almost everything cost $10 per piece
& they are even cheaper than online purchase!
I felt I was in China
Because most of the salesgirls were from China
& the China-chinese slang is so strong
Their China-english slang is so FUNNY!

Opps I'm sorry
I shouldnt laugh at them

I'm happy I bought my stuffs ;)

But gosh
They gave me this ugly looking plastic bag
That I had to go to Kinokuniya to grab a Japanese mook
which comes with free bag
To carry my items

It felt soooooooooooooooooooooooo good to walk alone
With no restrictions
No time rush
I even have time to play 'capsules' (aka 扭蛋)

<3 this Hello Kitty pouch
Crossed-over with Jody

I also got to act tourist
The salesgirl scrutinised me for 2 seconds when I asked her about the price of a dress
I guess she was trying to figure if I'm a tourist so she can 'chop carrot'
While payment
A HK$2 coin rolled out of my pouch
That added the pretense

I love my outfit today
So punk rock
& most of the people I passed looked at me

Yah why? Never see before meh?
This is 'dressing with attitude'
Not like a flock of blind sheeps following fashion trends
I couldnt stand all the Korean fashion clothings selling at Bugis Village today!
I almost died in that piece of fake Korean land!
The floral patterns, laces & chiffon are disgusting

Headed to Suntec
Looking for a pair of sneakers
2 caught my attention
Which is nicer?
Neon pink (SGD189) or neon yellow (SGD111)?
I'm into colors lately

Since I had plenty of time before DarDar knocks off
I entered almost every shop
Bought a pair of silver grey heels
UP:$49.90, OP:$9.90
& another pair of pastel pink ballerina flats
UP:$15, OP$7.50

So happy
Almost everything I bought today cost less than $10! >_<

I'm so tired at around 4pm+
& sat at MacDonalds @ Marina Square

Then walked to Raffles Place to meet DarDar to go home together
& we walked to City Hall to take bus

I'd covered a SQUARE!

I think I'd walked the slowest pace ever
1 step per second
With some calculations
I did a total of 21600 steps, approximately

Legs are so sore now
But I like~~

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