Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I donno why the lomo feel kicks in
I think it is due to the free lomo camera advertisement upon membership sign-up in AAS that I saw this noon

Then I saw Edwin 大佬's table mat at his house
Showing all the evolution of Canon cameras
It just struck me that
I should bring my EOS630 to Phuket next week
I then thought of trying chrome film on SLR
& then I thought of bringing my 'Rolleiflex' to finish up the remaining film
& then I thought of bringing my Polaroid to take instant pictures with lovely friends
& of course I must bring my G7 to snap around

4 cameras
I think I'm mad

I even ask told DarDar if Yashica is still usable
& also told DarDar that after Polaroid
I'll bring my Fujiroid

Poor Fuji had been in storage for too long

The thing about using films is that
I'm abit niao to 'waste' films on sceneries that is UGLY
So usually film cameras are used overseas


Oh my god
Think I better stop thinking about cameras

I guess I'll turn into a camera junkie very soon
Sooner than expected

& hey
I'm not giving up my photoshoot road trip!

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