Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back from Phuket
The symposia were nice
I gave my talk
2 rounds of applauses
Thank you!

Many of them came forward & praised me
I was happy
But sadly I did not get the best talk award among the students
Someone who speaks with a swirled tongue with a fake british accent & lotsa inaccurate articulation won it

It was a good experience
Met old friends
Made new friends
So I'm happy overall
Just sad to leave them on the very last day =(

I joined my in-laws after Friday
& we had fun traveling to different sight-see places
4 of us were sick
Food poisoning
Among the 12, we were the 'Fantastic Four'
We suspected it was the coconut shake

It wasnt a good feeling especially we had to endure the cramps & diahorrea just hours before flight
Plus the air temperature in airports & in flight were surprisingly low
Which made hubby & I developed fever the very moment we reached home
Luckily the temperature scans at the immigration counters are no longer around
Else we could have been quarantined

We slept for 24 hours completely
We felt better the next day
Hubby was called for work, without prior notice
I applied leave for him
But apparently the staff did not tell the boss
Insisted he goes work at 10am still
Hubby informed boss he is sick
& the boss reprimanded my hubby for not informing earlier
Hubby insisted I'd already applied leave for him & this is not a last minute arrangement

Big jerk

We had charcoal pills, dhamotil & panadol for self-medication
I always choose not to see doctors coz they will just feed me with exactly the drugs I have at home
But today
Hubby went work
He was requested of a MC

Whatever for?

He is only a part-timer
He only gets paid for days he works
Why does he have to fork out 3x the pay of the day to show that piece of paper?

I was furious

1st of all
I'd already informed the staff
Staff did not informed boss
What? A big set-up?

When ask the staff official work issues
He replied other things like how to keep his fishes alive
What the fuck?
Doesnt he know that Google search exist?
& my hubby is not a fish guru?

My hubby may be kind enough to answer simple fish-related questions
But comon, in the middle of the night, sms-ed to ask why does the water purifier foam?

I feel like smashing that ass into bits

This is not helping
This is just full of himself

If he's reading this
Read my finger
Yes, the middle one

It was a nice Phuket trip, seriously
But having come back with sickness is not what we chose to
Instead of showing compassion
We were hit with sarcastic saying like 'nice food poisoning'

I curse his fishes in his newly set-up tank all die within 1 day, any day
& I'd say
'Nice death!'

Thank you & fuck you

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