Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just seconds ago
I'm thinking of 'friends'

Some friends who had been so close & nice to you previously
Can suddenly lose contact all of a sudden after a significant event

Let's take this example
I have this friend
We are close
I'd offered my help to him when he needed it
He was requested to be helping on my wedding day
But he seemed so unwilling
Changed my schedule
& in turn, complaint to others why he had to do according to my schedule

I was so pissed off when I heard this from another friend whom he'd complaint to

It was my day
If you're unwilling
Tell me
I'll get someone to replace you
& not let you screw it up

My wedding was almost screwed because my parents were late for the make-up session during the evening
Just because he thought that they need not be so late
& hence, can bring my parents along later

Excuse me
My parents are also the hosts

After the day
This friend never met up with me anymore
Only a few MSN message to talk nonsense

I wasnt that willing to entertain him
I just felt that
He isnt a real friend in need
So why bother to waste my effort maintaining this one-sided friendship?

5 years ago
I too lost a friend
We were friends for 10 years
Close buddy for 10 years
We separated because of a guy

Not because we were snatched a particular guy (whom I'm none at all interested in)
But the fact that she chose to follow him & let go our friendship
I needed someone to talk to one night
She was hesitating to speak to me
Being thoughtful, I just told her to go do her things while I try to settle it myself
Next day
She confessed that she was out with that guy & was sorry for abandoning me
I forgave her
However, she neglected me while we 3 were out shopping

I could understand how mixed group of friends go shopping together
& not mind at all
I did not mind
But I minded when she & the guy did not talk to me for whatever reason
& left me walking behind them

I was so mad I reprimanded the guy
He said "With you around, if anyone sees us, we can say we're out shopping with you."

Oh excuse me
This kinda words could come out from your nasty bastardy mouth
Use me?

I have no idea why I deserve these friends
Sometimes I question myself
Should I be this helpful all the while?

Whenever someone posted a question in FB, looking for something, asking for help
I gave my suggestions & went slightly further to do research for them
I'd appreciate 'Thank you'

They did

But for those who didnt
I wouldnt care much either
For I'd did my part in helping & I wont expect much as a return
But of course, a return would be great
As the Chinese say:"有來有往"

I care about others before I care about myself
Most of the times
I solve my own problems myself because I know no one could help
But as far as I wont mind
I can give as much as I could

How would you define them?

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