Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DarDar & I were craving for Japanese pork chop yesterday after watching a scene from 婚カツ!
& we decided to head to satisfy our lust this afternoon

I had this 4 years ago with Er Ge
& now I'm recommending this to DarDar

The menu was so full of choices that we have no idea which was best
But we eventually made our choices

While waiting for our meals
We were served this bowl of sesame seeds with a mortar
DarDar immediately knew what's the next step coz he said that the side of the bowl had grind-lines
& those are to grind the seeds
Me, being a non-seed/nut eater, surrendered my bowl to DarDar
But even after grinding
Both of us, being swaku, had no idea what it was used for
Until it was introduced by one of the staff

Mix it with Tonkatsu sauce!

With the sauce prepared
Our food arrived

DarDar was so excited to see the large portion of his Hire & Rosu set
He thought I was just exaggerating

Mine was the Ebi & Rosu set

The golden breadcrumbs were soooooooooooooooo cripsy even by looking at them!

We also had an extra order - homemade curry to go with our rice
But didnt take any photo because we couldnt wait to dig in

We were, on top of that, given a variety of sauces - tartar, Japanese mustard, tonkatsu (plain), tonkatsu with sesame
We were tasting every bite of the katsu with every sauce

My Ebi-s were huge
Each piece is so huge (in diameter) that it just fits my mouth

Although it was abit pricey (total: SGD$67 rounded up)
I felt the food was worth it
Pork chops had never been this thick & juicy & crispy!

DarDar enjoyed it
& I'm happy

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