Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spent the whole day figuring routes within KL
So messy

& my GPS isnt going the way I like
So I have to figure out manually which way is the shortest & nearest

My stupid GPS routed me a whole lot just to go the the same place I manually designed
& I hate going the long way

Technology cant be trusted

I still remember our rides in Phuket
I told DarDar to go this way
& he told me that his GPS showed him another way
I scolded saying:" If you trust your GPS, why ask me if you're correct?"

Weird enough
Although 'shortest' distance was chosen before activating GPS
It still brings you the long way


So this time
I'm not bringing maps, so as to avoid confusion
& I'd set my GPS properly
Going the way I want

Genting & Cameron
Here we come!

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