Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back in Singapura
I really miss the last day in Bali
We spent entirely every minute worthwhile in Bali
As well as on flight

As much as I could talk about it
I bet photoblog should do it (as usual)

I'm sorry
Realised this could go seriously long
& those are only photos for Day 1
Check out the rest of the photos here =)

This Bali trip is amazing
I love the trip entirely
The tours we joined showed us alot of places during our sight-see
& we gained a lot of knowledge from the culture as well

Our guide introduced Bali's culture by telling us a story of Hinduism
Explaining their belief
That's why their people love each other
& not take things for granted

In fact
During the trip
I was enlightened
& was very impressed with their people
I'd also made some serious thoughts to make myself a better person
& I think Bali is a nice place to clear anyone's mind

Now Bali tops my getaway list

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