Saturday, June 05, 2010

Funny things just happen to you when you least expected

I have been really troubled with the M&M for one of my experiments
& so I consulted another expert regarding it
I told her about what I plan to do
& she told me that's not what I would be getting for my results
& my methods are impossible
So I was totally disappointed & uneasy coz the email was cc to my boss
Can you imagine how my boss is feeling reading our conversation?
Probably thinking I have not done enough research prior to having this emailed around
Making her lose face or whatever?
guess what?
I just found a paper which did exactly the same way that I plan
& they studied the species under the same genus
Which means
I just hit 80% jackpot
& I have sufficient evidence to support what I said was not bullshit
I am happy, really
Finally solving this mysterious M&M for weeks!

My friend is looking for CS3, Mac version
& DarDar has it but CS5
So I asked if he wants it from me
We were trying to accommodate each other how to get the file across with least hassle
The file is too big to be burnt into a disc
So we need a harddisk
& then meeting time clashes with events
& this & that
So I randomly asked where he stayed
& his reply was
'the neighbourhood where I stay'
I was laughing my ass off
This is so hilarious
Both of us were running round a big circle
Only to realise we are just next door

(oh, he's an ex-JC schoolmate whom I dont really know but met again at ADEX 2010. Had common friend & dive. Diver friends are good at socialising, I realise)

or a
Dot dot dot dot dot

Oh anyway
Life is a joke
Pulls you down then pushes you up
Just depends when you're gonna get that

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