Thursday, June 17, 2010

I bought this Japanese mook - Otona no Kagaku
Which if I'd translated it correctly without the help of any translator
It meant 'Adult's science'

There is this 大人の科學 printed big as the title

Oh anyway
This issue #25 came with a DIY 'Rolleiflex' camera (it named itself Gakkenflex)
I spent the evening fixing it up
After 1 hour
It's up!

Took me sometime to figure out how the image-search was done
It uses the classic method of light reflection and light capture for such photography
& me being abit direction-less when things become reverse
Was looking like an idiot shifting the camera around just to get the image into frame

Best part of this Gakkenflex is, it is usable
As in, it's not some ornamental display placed on top of your bookshelf after fixing
It uses normal 35mm film - normal or chrome
Just like any old film camera
One will have to turn the knob to run the film pass the shutter box

Cant wait to test it next week

I think vintage camera should look vintage itself
That's because I'd forgotten to switch back the white balance after my dive trip. Heehee

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