Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I giggled to myself
Mel was so funny

I twisted my left wrist before our dive trip
& she laughed at how I got it twisted

Well, yes, it was quite silly

Then I got my pinkie sliced by a fine thread coming out of my top
I thought I could pluck it off like any other tailors
But it failed
Leaving a gap between the skin and the flesh
It was not painful & not bleeding
I could see the epidermis as I plied open

Mel teased me about the 'accidents'
& told me to stop injuring myself

Controlled injuries, Yes
Uncontrolled, seems unlikely

This evening
I looked at my tight schedule for the later half of the year
I kinda panic
It's like
I barely have months to complete my research
& it's really frustrating to know that none of my Profs are replying to my requests either

So I decided to prepare my devices for my experiments

It kinda saddens me to see that I'm even working on technical side of the research
It's not within my 'job' scope!

I had to twist open 2 twisted wires
To retrieve 2 individual wires
& then twist 1 of the wires back to the 2 twisted wires to make a wire made up of 3 twisted wires

So I twisted & twisted

Mind you
The wire was thin
Friction & resistance were high

For the 15 wires produced
I had 3 blisters
Filled with blood
One each on thumb,index & middle finger


Mel thought I injured myself on purpose again


I think I will never get the delicate Tai-tai hands

Tough life here
But toughness gets life going
No pain no gain

Let's see what's next

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