Sunday, November 15, 2009

I may not be the correct person to give opinions on education system
Because I'm still a student
& in the progress in becoming one of the academic staff in the future

It is also hard to not answer questions from the higher-ranked professionals
Especially one who is to supervise & grade you all the time

Some opinions could simply mean feedback
But how positive or negative will you agree to feedback coming out from someone close to you?
Would that person be just plain evil to be back-stabbing others?
Or would that person just being boastful to gain your trust?

I dont know
I hope I do not receive anymore of such feedback questions anymore
It's going against my integrity

Aquaculture paper on Tuesday
That will mark the end of my 2 years of module completion
A short post-exam getaway
& thereafter
Continue with my research
& do abstracts for my upcoming publication
& prepare for my presentation in the World Congress of Malacology in Phuket 2010

I'm so gonna meet all the snails people soon
& I hope to meet G.M Vermeij, the blind ecologist

Yes you read me

He inspires me

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