Monday, November 02, 2009

I realised that my blog entries are getting more & more controversial on topics that are being discussed nowadays
But I really couldnt help but to criticise how narrow-minded Singaporeans are

Before I proceed
No offence to Singaporeans
These are just issues that came from your mouth
& issues that are illogical and redundant and should not exist in discussions in the first place
& these are just my own opinions
If you choose to tackle me by STOMPing this
You can trade your pink paper clip with me for $50

The recent issue on wet markets was published in printed papers
Stating that wet markets should be closed down
Because it is smelly & dirty & whatever nasty adjectives that one can use to describe

Some known bloggers or personnel were also interviewed
Some of them claimed they have never gone and will never go into the wet markets because it is smelly & dirty

I strongly feel that Singaporeans are damn spoilt nowadays

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee markets
I visit markets in every country I visit
I love Hong Kong's market best
Because I grew up watching butcher chopping pieces of ribs from a whole pig which my Mum bought for roasted ribs for dinner
I love to see the slaughter of chicken, hear them chuckle before they were boiled to remove feathers
I like to see fish being hit to concussion using baton before they're de-gutted and chopped into pieces

I am not being sadistic
But these are some actions that you guys have been missing

It is messy & smelly
But we must learn to accept for the fact that these animals sacrifice themselves for our consumption
and we need to know what our food is like
They have blood that flows in their body, like us
& minds to think how to survive, but unfortunately, failed to when they appear in the market because humans are always the smarter animals

Apart from the digression
The fact is
We dont appreciate the products and services of these animals and take things for granted!

We only buy food that have been packed properly
Without knowing how our food looks like originally
Just like the Westerners who refuse to eat whole fish on their plate
But are willing to eat fish fillet without knowing how their fish look like

My friend who teaches in the Science Center asked a class of primary school kids a very simple question - Where do eggs come from?
Students replied: 'NTUC'

This is how serious the situation had become
Kids nowadays have never seen a hen laying eggs
All they thought is, they come from factory that sells to supermarkets

& I bet their parents never take them to Seng Choon egg farm because it's smelly & dirty

My undergraduate student can even ask 'What? We have marine prawns in Singapore? I thought prawns are only from freshwater?'
Another one even funnier
"Will the crab still be alive if I've placed it in the freezer & thaw the next day?"

I think
MOE should do something
This shift of urban development is shifting the common knowledge of younger generation of Singaporeans too

Not only is this putting shame on Singapore
It's a growing population of 'Ris Low'

I seriously think wet markets should stay
Hawkers definitely do not earn as much as those in supermarket
Because there are more supermarkets than wet markets in the first place
& that more people loves to shop in cleaner markets
Government should give incentives or subsidies to these hawkers from wet market so they do not suffer loss
& promote wet markets
& visit wet markets in other countries & see how improvement can be done

Dwelling in well doesnt help

There's nothing wrong with having feet stunk with fish blood in dirty drain water
You guys wash your feet everytime you're home, dont you?

We should also learn to think back
Before supermarkets were established
We got our food from wet markets, didnt we?
Did we die from these food we eat because we think it's smelly & dirty?
Wet market sell the freshest food ever

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