Monday, November 30, 2009

We thought Mong Mong is lonely
Coz it always gives us the lonely look
Plus the fact that guinea pigs are social animals
The more we agree to get Mong Mong a companion

We bought a sheltie boar
We put them together to see if they will socialise
The sheltie keep chasing Mong Mong to play with him
But Mong Mong kept grumbling in anger

Mong Mong came out of the house to roam around the living room
Baby sheltie followed
It seems to be having fun
But Mong Mong was irritated by his follows
& turned around wanting to bite it

Gave a shock to all of us

After a 3 hour's introduction
We had to separate the 2 boars

We concluded that Mong Mong is an anti-social guinea pig
The autistic character of the social animals

Totally weird

p/s: we've yet thought of a name for the new cavy. Mum is being very old-fashion to wanting to call it something related to fortune & wealth like 4D, Wang Lai (旺來), Lai Fa(來發, etc. *rolls eyes* Any suggestions?

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