Sunday, November 22, 2009

DarDar brought me out today!
After I scolded him & cried till he felt guilty yesterday
& we went to SPCA as we'd planned last week
I think my last visit was 13 years ago

The dogs were so pitiful =(They were barking happily when visitors stood outside their cages

They have 2 huskies in the shelter
Wanted to go play with them so badly
But I'm afraid they will attack me if I enter
& they do not allow the dogs out of their cages
I love husky to bits
Too bad it's not HDB approved
I swear I will get a husky when I have a house
A big house

There are other usual abandoned animals as well
Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & hamsters

Took our 1st ride on the Circle Line to town
There's no one operating the train!
How swaku I was to know that it works automatically like LRT =p

We checked out Orchard Central
Nothing much to shop, seriously
The only place that fascinated us was the Roof Garden

Went to Takashimaya & saw Mr Bump dancing with his friends
Went to Louis Vuitton @ ION to look for Queenie
& also tempted to buy a pouch or wallet since DarDar said he's gonna give me one

Had Ding Tai Fung @ Paragon

We bought Jagabee & Jagarico from Isetan too =D
We were so lousy
Walked for only half a day & our legs were wobbly
Cant imagine how we conquered Mount Kinabalu in May 2009 since we couldnt even conquered flat Orchard Road

Not a bad day today
Given the perfect weather
But it just have to be spoilt by Prof
Always asking me questions that I'm supposed to answer


Good days start tomorrow!

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