Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's paper was a killer
How can anyone remember who write which paper on what species?
& why are we even expected to state the author's name in our answers?

I think I'd disappointed Prof
Because I did not list any species name either
I was just doing my best to write whatever is relevant & that's it

My hand was numb from the writing
Hope the hard work was worth

After the paper ended
I realised I'd made a damn careless mistake
As a researcher
I should not be doing that!
What a horrible shame

I must admit I was under stress for this paper
Because the course coordinator is my very own supervisor
But that does not mean I will definitely score well since I'm under her care
Got teased by some of the classmates, saying 'You sure score ace for this paper one la~'
I hope I'm being treated just like any normal students

One more paper to go
Fisheries & aquaculture

So, comon
Let's get back to the topic of overfishing, shall we?

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