Saturday, November 07, 2009

Missed Pamela's church wedding this morning
Because I have class & presentation for 5 hours
From 9am to 2pm
& to make things worse
I'm the last to present because it goes by the name alphabetically

Wah sad
The cold air-con almost froze my brains
& I was hungry =(

Reached home at 3pm
Gobbled food
& took a nap till I woke up for Pamela's BBQ dinner at Aloha Loyang

Pamela is DarDar's cousin
& here is the pretty bride
DarDar's cousins love to stick around with me & made me take like 20+ photos with her together. Haha.My DarDar feeding me with the specially marinated chicken-wing
The groom (in red) BBQ-ing with his new father-in-law

Congrats Pam =)

Here's today
Headache again
Need a good rest after watching UP
& start revision tomorrow
5 days left to doom

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