Friday, October 01, 2010

Letter to Starhub:

I enquired regarding the HD set up box via 1633 this afternoon & was served by J. When I asked if I would be able to watch all the channels that I'd subscribed that come with HD, he replied yes, & thus, I went down to Plaza Singapura for an exchange. After I'd collected the HD set up box, I returned home & tested the channels, only to realise I only have Nat Geo Wild HD. I was not able to watch Discovery HD & History HD. I then realise those channels under the Educational group require additional subscription. Fine. How about History HD which is not inclusive? It is to my huge disappointment as this was not expected of from what i was told. I do not want to pay extra for these channels as I expect I'd get to watch them free as from my conversation with J. On top of that, it took me time to travel down & wait to be served. If this would have been made clear in the beginning, all these were unnecessary. It would be an extra chore for me to change back to my original set-up, as well as extra admin procedures for Starhub, since I dont feel that I should pay for what I do not want. I'd appreciate Starhub to do necessary actions and waive subscription for HD channels under Educational group.

I was really angry that I felt C H E A T E D
& I wrote email not because I am timid to call & fuck them up
But their hotline is really fucking HOT!

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