Friday, October 08, 2010

We had our 1st lab sharing session

So-called lab sharing session
But in fact
It's a session of many occasions
As I'll be leaving on Monday
Prof made it a 'send-off' party
We have new students joining out lab this semester
So it's also a 'welcome' party
Michelle's & Theresa's birthdays are on Sunday & Monday respectively
It was also a birthday celebration!

It felt good
This is the first time I see so many people in my lab
Some ex-coursemates are doing work with Prof too
& yes
Finally there is 人氣

We had pizza feast
8 pizzas of 8 different designs
Fruits & BBQ chicken wings

I then gave a short talk on my littorinids
Adeline showed photos about her trip with Prof to Spain, Taiwan & Panama

The session last for 1.5hours
& ended with a short birthday celebration for Michelle & Theresa

Michelle wasnt feeling well
So I ate the Rive Gauche Patisserie Mango cheesecake on her behalf

At the end of the day
Prof gave me a 'Good Luck' angbao

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