Friday, October 22, 2010

Although this week is hectic & frustrating
I still pretty much enjoyed myself
I joined my juniors & friends to Starfish bay for their field trip
I was there too 8 years ago

It was a nice trip
Reminded me of those times

& yes, before I flood you guys with boring photos
You may go here to view the remaining ones

& today!
Despite having T3 (typhoon warning signal) hoisted
We went to Mai Po Nature Reserve

I'd been yearning to go to this place sooooooooooooooo much
but never got the chance to go as this place requires a permit
So I couldnt let this opportunity slip!

Mai po is not very far from where i stay
So the more i could not NOT go!

& yes, photos flood again. =p

Think I just flooded again!

More photos of Mai Po are found here

Have a good weekend!

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