Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been one week
I feel that I'd achieved quite alot
Not academically though
But feel that I'd made used of time properly

I went to Tuen Mun today to pick up my 18K gold bracelet that snapped years ago
& I walked around the mall for 2 hours
Oh my god
The shoesssssssss are soooooooo nice that I cant decide which to buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
& I bought 3 Uniqlo pants -_-

I bought those pants coz SG doesnt sell
as the material is velvet
& is out as Fall/Winter 2010 fashion


Total cost for 3: HKD149 (SGD77+)

Ok mah... 3 Uniqlo = 1 Levi's

There's so much things to buy here
& I'm restricting myself badly to get those
Since I only have SGD1000 with me for 3 months
I'm even skipping meals to eat cheap

I guess this is getting unhealthy
But I think this is Hong Kong

Like I'd always say
Living & tour are completely 2 different things
I hope I'm managing somewhere in the middle

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