Thursday, October 14, 2010

I kinda dread going out of the house
Journeys to ANYWHERE is sooooooooooooooooo fucking long that by the time I'm back home
It's already 10pm
Showered & stuffs - 11pm
Surf net & chat with DarDar - till 1am (coz we miss each other so much)
or cant sleep until 1am (coz I just cant sleep)
& I have to wake up at 630am the next day
To get to school by 830am

The tiredness never recovers
Doesnt it just suck?

I went back SWIMS
Had great chat with Gray
Loved it
Thanks to the people there for remembering me too!

I met Lizt & Tom tonight for dinner
It was pretty last minute but still, we came out
Everyone looked good
I guess I was rather inappropriately dressed coz I'm in total summer clothings while everyone is already in autumn wear

We dined at Pho Restuarant @ Megabox
To my surprise, it's almost empty
Just as empty as in Orchard Central
& it has a ice-skating ring, which is just as empty

With my HKU besties

Kinda ended the night having a stroll in Ikea
Bought my Mysa Gras quilt coz I prefer to hide underneath that softness ;)

I kinda find this trip back HK totally weird
Everything looks so familiar, that I cant describe it
It just reminded me of my undergraduate days
Where I had to go school daily from Tin Shui Wai to Pokfulam
& then taking tram from Sai Yin Pun to Central to take the stupid crowded MTR
or walk to Sheung Wan for the bus

These are all happening

When I'm not missing DarDar
I just have that 'back to the past' feeling
Not really enjoying it
But as long as I get my things done
I will be gone

& surprisingly
I'm desperate to get back Singapore
Even though I'd complained desperately how much I want to get out of Singapore

Cant wait to hug DarDar when he's here at the end of the month

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