Saturday, April 25, 2009

This weekend is super busy
Other than my preparation for my presentation next next week
It's packed with my friend's birthday celebration/ baby's first month/whatever
Running here & there for celebration
Typing 'Happy Birthday' non-stop on Facebook

Went out with DarDar today
Bumped into Tuty
The last time we met was 10 years ago
Had Carl's Junior's Guacamole Bacon Cheeseburger
But only bacon cheeseburger coz all the guacamole sauce fell out of the burger
& then went shopping at Isetan

Walked to Takashimaya
Recalled that Queenie works in LV
So we went LV to visit her

My first time inside a LV shop
& the feeling inside is totally different from normal store!!!
It was damn packed with people
& I dont understand how can people grab these expensive stuffs when economy is bad
& I dont understand how come there're so many rich people!
Then again when Queenie showed me some of the new products & told me about the price
I can too afford it, actually
So my next thing to buy before I die is a LV bag

Went down Little India for threading
& went to look at the flea market at Sungei Road
DarDar's first visit
Saw this uncle selling old cameras
SO vintage!!
The sun was tamade scorching
Almost sun-burnt
& we spent 1 hour to look around

In the end
We bought 2 old cameras at a total cost of $60

Both are still workable
Just need a bit of servicing

We then headed down to Tanah Merah to attend Gerald's birthday BBQ

Food was sumptuous!
Gerald had gotten gigantic prawns like those selling at newton
Ribeye steak
Super tasty chicken wings
Beautiful corn
& lovely green salad
I bet that meal sure cost alot!
But it's enjoying (for my stomach)!

Then we headed down to Changi Village
where Justin held a party to celebrate his new born's first month

So cute >_<
& then pop the usual question - 'When's yours?'

Before we left
We took a stroll at Changi Point Boardwalk
A place which DarDar claimed is very beautiful in the day
& a nice fishing spot at night

DarDar's birthday's on Monday
Let's see what I'm gonna do...

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