Thursday, April 23, 2009

I went ADEX today

ADEX was such a grand event in 2006
With all the freebies, activities around
I also met most of my dive friends there
Adding to that
Every ADEX reminds me of a very special day
It is also the anniversary day for DarDar & I
The day which we went out together the very first time before we became official at night

So anyway
ADEX kinda sucks every year since then
It was in Suntec in 2006
Then had it in Thailand in 2007
Then back in Suntec in 2008
But the exhibitors reduced by 50%
Not at all interesting
This year
It's at Keppel Marina
Even smaller!
When Edwin & I entered
We saw boats

still boats
It's boats everywhere & we thought that ADEX was at the other side of the road
So we crossed over & realised that it's inside the hall where we came out

ADEX is right inside the hall at the very damn end!
It's sharing the hall with Boat Asia
No wonder we cant find it!

We walked without enthusiasm, in fact
Nothing interesting

Same exhibitors
I even saw Ivan's dad again, for the 3rd time he's in ADEX
But I was rather attracted to the dive operators in Guam

I wanna go Guam!
It's part of USA
but it's very near & cheap to depart from Hong Kong (around SGD$500 incl. everything)
& the fact that I always return Hong Kong
I must really plan for an extended trip to Guam NO MATTER WHAT soon

So after few rounds
Collected enough magazines to stack hot kettles next to stove (little freebies this year!)
We left for lunch at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RYSC)

The last time I came here as 2 weeks ago
When I had my night dives at Raffles Lighthouse
I got to enjoy a meal here!

The place is nice
Always love places next to the sea surrounded with beautiful boats
But I prefer Raffles Marina
The boats there are more luxurious
But less luxurious then those I just saw at Boat Asia

If only I'm damn rich...

& I promise I'll get a yacht club membership when I'm rich!

So that's ADEX this year
I seriously hope that the organisers can do a better job next year
Get more exhibitors
with more freebies!

& thanks Edwin for everything today =)

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