Monday, April 20, 2009

I almost passed out

I was feeling perfect in the morning
But around afternoon
I felt that my legs were getting numb & weak
Almost cant feel anything
& cold perspiration out of body

I tried to hold on
But I thought I might not take it anymore
So I flagged for a cab for home

The cab driver sped at 110km/hr
Without me telling him to
I guess he could see that I'm almost dying

My lips went pale, I believe
I went breathless too
I tried to breathe harder to compensate for oxygen loss
I felt like vomiting

My head went heavy
My vision went bright & blurred
I closed my eyes
It felt like 15mins for a 5 seconds darkness

When I reached void deck
DarDar came down to fetch me
I couldnt stand properly
I squatted while on the way up in the lift
& collapsed on the sofa immediately

DarDar had to carry me back onto my bed
Where he then fell asleep with me


It's been long I last felt something like this
I think I seriously need to train my body soon

Looking fit
But not exactly fit


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