Sunday, April 05, 2009

I think I'm wasting time
Watching TV when I'm free & feeling tired
I should be sleeping
But I cant get into sleep
I should then be reading up, looking for journal papers
But I surf Facebook


I'm heading Borneo next month
So damn fucking fast
Haven even go train my stamina
Haven go see sinseh for my foot injury
Haven go buy a new 50L backpack

Time seriously zoom
I've yet been confirmed coz school is procrastinating my presentation date
I've yet started on my further studies coz everything is still ding-dong-ing around
& I need to complete by December 2010
Which is next year
& I'm (probably) holding my banquet next year
Heading to London next year
So many things going on!

Time is unmanageable for me now
When things doesnt go my way
It is really wasting most of my time

So lost

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