Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ok I finally slept during a nap just now
I had a dream
That I'm off to Pattaya to attend someone's beach wedding
Went para-skiing
& all sorts of beach activities
I was snapping photos around
& then I saw someone took a photo of me out of a sudden
With super glaring bright flash
Which is accompanied with a super loud roar
I woke up
Saw that the sky was fucking dark
Realised it was the thunder

Or something else?

Such incidents always happen
Donno was it my spirit fly elsewhere

I remembered last time when young
I saw myself playing this very popular hand-held electronic brick game in my dream
& my Mum woke me up
Told me that the actual hand-held electronic brick game set was on
& 'playing' on its own in its demo stage


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