Monday, April 13, 2009

Last weekend was packed with all my personal activities
Almost gave up on my school stuffs
& I felt so guilty about it

DarDar & I returned JB on Good Friday
Took us 3 hours to reach
The queue at the bus bay was chaotic
& the Cisco officers were so rude that he shouted 'Siam!SIAM!' to the crowd so as to make way for him
I so wanted to lodge a complaint on that ass
Shouldnt they assist in keeping the crowd in order?

I love the Kway Teow Soup so much
That I pestered DarDar to eat that for dinner & supper
It's opened by DarDar's fishing kaki's relative as well
Super big portion
The soup is seafood-sweet
With abalone, oysters, pig liver, lettuces

On Saturday
DarDar's friend came over to JB to eat & shop
Headed to Tesco & Jusco
Had Bak Ku Teh for lunch
& a sumptuous seafood dinner @ Dama market
So damn full
But DarDar & I still headed for wanton mee for supper


Returned SG on Sunday
& I went for my dive at Raffles Lighthouse
My first time there
& my first time witnessing coral spawning

It's full moon
Every marine creature should be synchronizing their reproductive cycle
But we only managed to see the after-spawn evidence
With eggs settled on the corals

I saw the coral spawn
The whole egg mass drifted to my direction
The eggs were big, around 1cm or so
& they're red
By the time I reached the coral
It's almost 80% spawned

I've seen it!

I also had an extremely closed nurse shark encounter
A 1.5m long elasmobranch swam right into my face
Which freaked me out totally
My dive buddy didnt see it
& that shark kept loitering around my feet

Next time I'll try night dive at Tioman/Dayang for coral spawning activities

*more photos here

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