Friday, September 25, 2009

I bought a watch!

It's been long I wore a timepiece on me
Had been heavily relying on the mobile phone to tell time since I got my first Nokia
& I cant recall how long I'd wore one
Only some vague memories of me wearing those kids cartoon watch during my really young days
& my 1st Baby-G bought using my hard-saved pocket money during my secondary school days
whose glamour only lasted for 3 years on my wrist after the trend died

After I'd gotten my Softbank
I'd stopped checking the time from it because I didnt want to scratch it from the constant withdrawals from pockets
& most of the time
I'm telling time from my EEEpc

When I'm on the go
I tell time from people's watches
& any time-telling device found on bus, taxi, cars, MRT stations, wherever

Not bad huh?

But I think it's better to get a timepiece
since one can just tell time by rotating their wrist anytime, anywhere
& I can better plan my day while working in a laboratory full of dead specimens but with NO CLOCK!

I thought of Casio immediately
I donno
Probably coz I know where to get cheap & good watches? Or that I still love Baby-G?

I headed to Bencoolen Centre
The wholesale centre for Casio watches

My budget is below $50
In fact, the cheaper the better
I targeted the futurist models
Selected a few colours
& finally chose this
I like the mirror-reflect display
Can see my camera? =)

Best of all
I love the pink digits when the watch is viewed at another angle!
Best of all (of all!)
It only costs me $31

*chip chip chip chip chip*

I'm so excited to wear it to JB tomorrow

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