Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I just returned from the movies - The Cove
It is a documentary film on fisheries in Japan
Particularly at this small town in Japan
& particularly fishery in a certain cetacean

I'd said it's a good one
Good enough to have spark everyone in the world
The urban Japanese did not know about this
Now they know

I knew about this from the Sea Shepherd prior to the screening of this movie
I know somewhere in Japan does this
& I'm glad that Ocean Preservation Society had made this issue bigger

Some of the audience cried during the show
I just watched nonchalantly
I'd seen this kinda thing many times before

Throughout the show
Several thoughts floated in my mind:
Do they cry because they are the adorable cetaceans that are being killed?
Would they still do so if it's a documentary film on poultry slaughtering?
Why do cetacean fishery exist in the first place?
Where's the demand anyway?
How more cunning can the Japanese be in recruiting developing countries to support their fishery actions & at the same time giving them funds to the country?
Blah blah blah & so many more

I wish to see more of such movies
Make all people think
Make all people turn vegetarian
Make all people know what the hell we are doing that is causing the extinction of almost all animals

Click here after you've watched the trailer below

In addition
Since we're on the topic of fishery
Please watch 'End of the Line' too

WWF SG & Nparks are the supporters for the screening of this film
It will be screened on 13 Sept 4pm at Botanical Gardens
If you're interested
Kindly email with your name, contact number for the tickets

Peace with all of you

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