Thursday, September 10, 2009

I wonder if anyone is reading this

I'm feeling very low suddenly
My heart feels very cramped
With anxiety & anger & disappointment

It seems that this 2nd semester is not very smooth
Particularly on my research
My research permit on sample collection is on halt
The authorities insist on getting my report
Which my school refuses to give at this point of tie
The tides are bad
Cant go out to collect samples
Which boils down to the 1st point if I'm allowed to go on better tides
I still cant collect samples
I can actually start if I dare to secretly sneak in to grab some
But my equipments are not ready!
I just need a electrical cord to hold my spotlight
Which I regretted for not getting an extra piece for my trial run
Now I cant find it anymore & have to fix it myself
I too have other equipments pending & coming in
Then again
If I'd gotten the equipments ready
I cant start still because it boils down to my 2nd point & 1st point


I'm sitting in my lab with depression
Wanting to do but cant do
I'm feeling very anxious as well
Time is passing by very fast
I have 4 more experiments to do
Hopefully within these 4 months
& I have to start writing my thesis next year
Which half of the year will be doing another research overseas!!

I planned to finish smoothly within 3 years (i.e. by 2010)

Talking about smoothness here
I wonder

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