Monday, September 14, 2009

Haven been to town for many months
But I didnt feel like loitering in town once I reached there

Was out for the screening of 'End of the line' at Singapore Botanical Garden
It is a good film
To others who might not be too familiar with what is happening currently
This is a good time for you to sit down & watch & start thinking about fish
To me
It's repeating & repeating the point
That the message is strong enough to make me change my eating habit now

Here's the trailer once again

After the movie
We took a short stroll in the park before we headed for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe =)

My all-time favourite Jumbo Combo!

We had a walk back to ION Orchard
& checked out the place
It is soooooooooo big that I'd lost my interest walking around
I stayed only on B4 & that's it
It's full of Japanese stores which I kinda grew sick of it
I'd expect something more diverse?
So anyway
Gave up loitering ION Orchard
Crossed the road back onto the path in our direction
DarDar had a Himalayan Tea Latte at McCafe, which tasted Indian *eeeks*
& looked at people on the streets

I realised that Orchard Road looks gloomy
Probably coz ION Orchard is so bright, with millions of lightbulbs shining non-stop
That the buildings around it need not switch on their spotlight anymore
Which I think is abit sad
CK Tangs stood there for many years
Had itself recognised for its unique oriental architectural design
Now it is totally replaced by a building that is designed out of a scientific ionic model
It seems it had lost its glamour
Looking dull & outdated

Weird though
I dont really like ION Orchard
It gave me a feeling that it is as if Langham Place in Mongkok, Hong Kong
But is suited to high-end Singaporean shopping
It is even damn weird to see China brand in such a grand shopping mall!!!
But Kudos to that
You've successfully marked a place in Singapore

Seems like Singapore is no longer fun to me
Desperately wanting to go KL for shopping for 2D1N
Price is always half of Singapore's
I'm starting to love Malaysia more & more


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