Sunday, September 20, 2009

One of the newspaper article in Sin Min Ri Bao left me in suspicion
A 21-year-old commercial diver went missing during his ascend
& he was suspected to be swept away by strong currents
Rescue divers had been searching for him for over 56 hours

I looked at the photo for long
I SMS-ed Edwin & asked
I felt that it's someone I knew

The newspaper article mentioned about Facebook
I did a search

It's confirmed
It's the Gerald Chia I know

My heart wrenched

I didnt really know him
But we had fun together during our dives at P. Dayang this March
He expressed his interest in working as a commercial diver during our chat
Despite us telling him how bad the underwater conditions are while working for shipyards, etc

So he really went to become one

He had his dream

Little is expected from most of his friends & family members

It's known that without oxygen for >4 minutes leads to fatality
Gerald is missing for more than 56 hours

If he's lucky to have surfaced elsewhere
God had truly blessed him

& all of us hope this to be true

Although all of us are trying not to believe the bad news & with fingers tightly crossed

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