Friday, September 04, 2009

Was out with the students to the Singapore Botanical Garden today
Looks like a pretty good morning to start with
Until we were drenched by the sudden downpour
Weird are those students
No umbrellas at all
Didnt they know that Singapore's so prone to rain now?

I didnt have much chance to talk about the plants
Only briefly spoke about how to differentiate between mosses & liverworts
I was worse last year
Didnt even know what they are
But I did my homework this year

Dr L asked if I'd wanna be a lecturer
I shrugged my shoulders
He added I will be a good one


No comment

I've loads of work to clear over the weekend
DarDar is off Rompin for his sailfish fishing
Time for me to do my work peacefully without any distraction of watching online TV

YES! Online TV is super addictive!

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