Monday, September 28, 2009

I just feel very irritated by how someone who is super close to me
& is not taking things seriously enough
Dragging issues for months & years
With no fucking bloody results at all!

Always give me the same old reasons
Which are just excuses

Given me
I'd have shown 101% better results
Because I grab every fucking opportunity & strive
& make sure things go my way no matter what

To live or to die
It's not just a simple ecological phrase representing 'survival of the fitness'
When there's a will, there's way
It's not just another mouth-hanging sentence as well

If you will, you can do it
If you grab the chance, you can
When you can, you live

I am just so fucking pissed!
Someone who doesnt fight for himself
& I have to always do the talking

Of course I can
But I chose not to
Because if I do
I'll be very biased with my choice of words since I'm already fucking pissed!

I am really very sick of this
I donno what will happen if this carries on
Whenever I thought of it
It just made me cry

I'm so sick of this

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