Thursday, September 24, 2009

I had a dinner with my Coyotes on Wednesday night
To celebrate Ling's birthday

We had our dinner at Phin's Steakhouse along Liang Seah Street
& I didnt know its existence until now
The shop is petit but with nice decoration
Photos of the food hung on the wall makes one salivate
We had this shrimp fruit salad & buffalo wings for appetizers

Both are yummy & already filled half of our stomachs before the main course arrived

Jas & Ling had steaks with sambal sauce
Their fragrance of their sambal sauce on grill made all of us choked with tears!

I didnt take photos of Ash's dish coz I think she was already eating half-way
In fact I was the last to start on my main dish

As usual

I had a grilled chicken combo
Not bad

I had hesitation whether I should order fish
But I chose chicken instead
Now that I thought of it
I could have asked them where did they get their fish from - wild or aquaculture?
Then again
The fish is catfish
Nice but ugly
Abit turns me off when I think of its appearance

The night was great
We caught up with one another during our 2 hours meals
Had laughter filled in the shop *opps,probably too loud then*
Had good food
& of course
Great friends


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