Saturday, September 05, 2009

I hate it when people expects super high expectations of me
Just because I'm a PhD candidate
But that doesnt mean I'm a super genius who knows all kinds of things

Candidate means one is in the learning progress

When I have been working too hard on a certain topic
& brains arent functioning well with severe mental block
I'd appreciate some help that can enable me to think properly
At least just talk to me, solving it together
Or chat about other things
Rather than drilling me with some more questions which I'm already stuck
& then said I'm wasting his/her time

I'm so pissed
Because first of all
Help came in voluntarily
& in the end
I was being implied me that I'm not fit to do PhD


I just abandoned my brain-whacking task
Watched TV for 30mins
& I solved the problem

This is the help I'd want
A hit on the 'Refresh' button for the mind-screen
A hit on the 'Restart' button for the brain engine

Thanks for helping anyway
I will solve everything by myself with TV the next time

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