Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So angry this afternoon

Returned to school for a lab session
& then headed to the library to search for some reference books
Got them
Wanted to just photocopy a chapter
Went to the photocopying service centre
The place was crowded but they are not heading for photocopy service
They were only buying booklets

I saw 2 photocopier machines
One is being used
Another is available
I walked in, heading to the available one

The staff in charge of the photocopying service stopped me
& pushed me away
Not allowed me to go closer
I told her I'm using that copier
She said it's out of order
Told me to queue

I queued

After 5 minutes
She told me to use the machines at the upper storey

Fine again
I went up

There are 6 machines in the room
3 are out of order
3 are in use
I waited again

After 10 mins
It's my turn
I tried to make photocopies
But it couldnt get to the size I wanted
I do not know how to operate

In anger
I slammed the book close
& walked off

A student said 'Thank you' to me

She's welcome

But I was still very pissed

I needed help
But I was rejected physically
I wanted to try on my own
But I didnt want to waste money & papers doing trial & error

Why do they think that everyone has the knowledge to operate a photocopier?
& why do they have to sell booklets in that room?
Shouldnt it be done in the bookstore?

I just hate the school library
Given a choice
I will avoid it as far as possible

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