Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Saturday
Was back in JB to attend DarDar's distant relative's wedding banquet at Tangkak
I've no idea where that is, when it was spoken in Mandarin
Neither do I know where that is when it's spoken in English
Just a summary
It's somewhere near Melaka

I cant even find a map to show where Tangkak is

So anyway
It was said to be within Johor
But near Melaka
I was sitting in the car with DarDar's family
& all I knew was
The place never seem to reach!!
I was impatient on a road trip for the first time
Because, first of all
I thought it's still in Johor
& didnt know that Johor can be this big
& it took us 2 hours to reach!

Finally we reached

The houses there are very cute
They have super tall antennae to capture Mediacorp's frequency!!!
YESSS~ They can watch Channel 8!
Amazing, isnt it?
So can I have a super super super super tall antenna too to watch TVB?

Tangkak is also where Mt Ophir (Gunung Ledang) is located
I'm so gonna return to climb that mountain one day

Visiting the relatives
=) Acting innocent & busy cam-whoring when the elderly were asking DarDar's dad when is our wedding...

We went to shop for a while
For local pastries

DarDar's family said that there's this famous beef noodle store (東甲牛腩面) that is super delicious there
But unfortunately
It was not opened

The venue for the banquet
A happy occasion ended after 2 hours

We drove back JB
Another 2 hours
Concussed after the extremely full meal

Frankly speaking
Malaysia is full of surprises
You are surrounding by plantations of palm trees for 200km along the highway
& suddenly
BOOMZ (opps, did I reminded you of someone?)
You reach a town full of nice food & places to visit

I'm loving it

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