Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today is an interesting day
To me, at least

I had my SEM session at school in the morning
It was my first time handling the equipment alone
So I was extremely careful with everything I touched
But at times, I couldnt figure if I was doing it right as the manual didnt speak about that step
& I asked the technicians outside the room

One is quite friendly
He helped me
Another one
He frowned at me when I asked him my 1st question
& said that I should do it with someone who knows how it works

I was kinda pissed
By saying that, he was not helping me at all
So I had to figure everything out myself

When I got my sample loaded
I couldnt get my highly-magnified image
SOOOOOOOO frustrating
I spent 1 hour on the sample
Half hour on the imaging
Fucked up

Amidst my session
One student want to use the machine
But as I'd booked my session
It's my time!
& at the same time since he's there & knows how to use the machine
I asked if this is the correct way of doing it
He replied 'which department are you from? If you're not sure, ask the technicians outside'

Asked liao lor
What kinda attitude he gave me?
& what's wrong with a biologist working on a physics?

I gave up at 1130am

Returned home for lunch
& out for my hair-modeling session

I'm glad that I'm invited to this session
Because the workshop is conducted by the creative director of Le Salon (branch of Kim Robinson)
Heard from my studio's staff
One haircut by him cost $1200!!!!!!!!


I was highly wanted by most hairdressers
because I'm the only model with short hair
& they wanted me because short hair cut takes very short time
They were to draw lots to pick their models
& this Australian hairdresser picked me
I said I wanted Pink's new hairstyle in her 'So-What' MTV
She communicated with the director
& HE, instead, started to cut on my hair!
He showed her the cutting techniques
But because my hair was short
It took him a few cuts to finish the haircut
& leaving her few patch of hair to play with

As a whole
My haircut cost $1000 today
Coz 80% of my hair was cut by him
Super dan-dio!

I love my hair soooooooooooooooooooooo much now

Just need to grow my fringe longer

DarDar was speechless when he saw my hair
I bet he thinks I will not go for haircut this short

He's wrong!
Should have bet $50 with him

After the hair modeling session
I returned home again for early dinner
& went back school again for my night class

I counted that I'd took 14 bus rides today!
Life record!

On top of these
I noticed that today is also unusual
There were 4 accidents along the route I passed by
1 just behind my house
LTA news said that there is accident on lane 3 of BKE
& the jam ends at Bt Panjang exit
Another one was just outside my school
4 cars lankan-ed together
The results of over-taking on a one-way lane

Air smells smokey
Probably this is what made today interesting

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