Monday, March 01, 2010

Out with the students at Pasir Ris Park on Sunday
Everywhere looked dried coz of the weird hot weather

Despite the unbearable heat
The students were to do their transect surveys for their assignmentsPoor them

I was sunburnt too even though I was under shade
Imagine those who are out in the sun for 5 hours

I used to be out in the field for hours too while doing my research
I know how that feels
Super hot & burnt
But kinda pleased with the tan after a while

By evening
Tide went extremely low
Kids from nowhere all ran out to draw pictures on sand

I had a pleasant Sunday
Though I was a tad lazy to move my ass to look at what the students were doing
But this gave me a chance to be back out in the society after the long mental & physical rest

Beautiful world ahead

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