Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lemme take a breather

Apparently I've been working on my report for the past 2 hours
But only one small summarised table was typed
Plus a few more sentences to complete a paragraph

Then I chatted with my friends via MSN
& that took another hour of socialising

Now that I'm completely focused alone at home
Without DarDar distracting me & pulling me towards the TV for more TVB dramas
The heat from outdoor is repelling me off my work desk which is situated next to the window
My room thermometer reads 32.3deg C (it was 32.2deg C just a minute ago!)
& my fan is running at its maximum speed!


Just trying to do something productive during this unproductive moment
I'm posting one out of many wedding photos
Due to high demand of friends wanting to see them
Here you go!

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