Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to teaching today!

Thankfully the students were friendly
& so the lesson ended earlier than expected
Cant wait to bring them out to Sungei Buloh next weekend!

Just finished registering for my Congress in July
Pretty tiring, I must say
I have to check the information over & over again so that all are correct
& professional
Professional meaning, I have to feel proud of my school
I have to use school email address instead of Gmail
because I am a PhD student

What's wrong with gmail?
I love my gmail to bits
My email add isnt so embarassing what

Just dont understand why some people like to bother fussing about this minor status issues

Now I just have to check both inboxes loh~

But I still hate my school email address
Why do they have to put my full name, spelt in full,in?
Cant it be abit more discrete?

I bet the whole wide world will know about me soon

Thanks ah

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