Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Had finally completed my draft report
Took me roughly 4 days to complete a chapter of 40 pages
Slept at 3am
Felt good the next day coz the load was off!

But strangely
I felt that I didnt make a great achievement

I still felt something is missing
& I declare day-off today to find out

I woke up early to go to the clinic to retrieve my report & medicine
Headed for brunch with DarDar
Went back to neighbourhood to buy groceries
Prepared food for dinner
Swept the floow
Fed the 2 rascals
Fed my 3 fishes
Planted Kailan at corridor
Watered the plants
Packed Bro's army duffel bag
& drank a cup of Teh

I also observed the rascals in their new house that DarDar made
& looked at how funny my sick Siamese fish with bloated belly is when it tries to swim thrice harder just to move its weight

Although still abit hectic in the early morning
It's enjoyable to relax the rest of the day
& I believe this is the real life we're all talking about

My friends had lately been talking about how stressed their works are
I agreed without hesitation
They were complaining about the fact that, what's the purpose of doing so much work?
It's not about money
It's about the time
Time lost to work that could be used to spend with family & friends

One of my friends even said this in her FB status
"Family and friends are important in life. Never neglect them just because of work. Because if you do, when you leave this world, noone will remember who you really are and work will not come visit your grave and weep for you...'

I find this rather true
Have you seen papers & pens walking to funerals in tears?

I guess time management is really very important

I hope you guys loosen up too
& spend more time for yourself
& stay happy always =)

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