Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm glad that I'm finally seated & typing my procrastinated report
Which is due on 1st April
But because I have to allow my Prof to proof-read
Which means that my personal deadline is nearer than it should be

But luckily
I'm already at my Discussion
& I've already know what I should be explaining
So I just need a gush of brain juice
& hopefully to finish by tomorrow

I have a pretty good day today
Woke up at around 930am this morning
Getting ready to go to clinic
& then I was notified that the doctor is on leave
& had to change my appointment to Tuesday

Taiwan Express Mail delivery boy called
Told us that he's on his way to deliver our wedding photos
So in the end
We stayed home

As soon as we received our photos
Seh Chin jio-ed us for breakfast
Feeling abit deprived of dim sum
I suggested going Dragon Gate at HarbourFront
& we ate from 1130am to 2pm!!!
Yum yum

Back home
Continued with my report
& now writing this entry

It's a wonderful Saturday

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