Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I had a good night with the girls yesterday
We had Beppu ramen for dinner
Beppu Ramen is famous for their spicy hot base that has 1 to 11 chilli scales
I hesitated on the 4-chilli-scaled soup base
Coz my tummy wasnt feeling normal
& had stomach churns during the day
Due to the chilli sauce (Sabah made chilli + Tabasco Habanero sauce) I had together with my nuggets at home
So in the end, I just stuck with 2-chilli-scaled
& back home
The ramen's soup taste still lingered in my mouth
& I was craving for some spicy food just before bedtime
Kinda regretted not going with my choice
The shiok feeling isnt there!!!


Heard that eating chilli can make one slim down
coz it can spice up metabolism rate

Been eating for so many years
Still as bulky since 4 years ago when I met DarDar

I think the cause was DarDar instead

Heading back JB tomorrow
Gonna have sushi buffet with friends =)
I'm gonna whack all the sashimi!!

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