Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My first time using WiFi FREE & UNLIMITED from my hotel room
No needa worry about people not able to contact me during my overseas trip

Phuket's damn wet today
It had been raining since morning till now
The car rental guy said it's due to the hurricane
Our plane was delayed due to low visibility during landing
& our plane has to circle for 30 minutes since there were also 2 planes waiting to land before us
Patrick's plane arrived after we landed

Our Toyota Vios survived the flooded road
Luckily we didnt get the Jeep

We met our Vietnamese friends!
He & another guy were the only two left in Phuket
So happy that he still remembered us

Phuket is one hour behind Singapore time
No wonder we're so tired at 10pm
Because it's already 11pm!

Out for an offshore fishing trip tomorrow

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